Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens

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If you're committed to your teen's recovery, we can help you give your child
a second chance at success ... for happiness ... for life.

Critical Note Regarding Residential Treatment Centers: Before ANY other intervention options are implemented for troubled teens we recommend that you contact Parent and Teen Resources, either through the "Please Help Me Now!" link at the right, or through their toll free number (1-866-798-2285). Why? The professionals at Parent and Teen resources have more placement experience than nearly any other team of placement professionals in the troubled teen world. They know and have interacted with treatment centers, and understand the dynamics of each program, from line staff to transitional directors and executive directors. They know the strengths and the vast weaknesses of treatment centers. Before you throw your money into a treatment program get a free consultation to assess your needs, and the treatment resources at your disposal. Treatment Center Placement may be just what you need to help your troubled teen. We are simply suggesting that you make yourself as informed as possible as you move ahead.

Is your family life in chaos due to the behavior of your child? Is your child displaying any of the following self-destructive behaviors? Do you need a treatment center or intervention program to help?

Employ our TEEN HELP consultation on the right!

    Does Your Teen Struggle With Any of the Following?

  • Family Conflict & Chaos
  • Complete Disregard for Rules
  • Withdrawn & Isolated
  • Radical Changes in Personality
  • Blames Others for His/Her Problems
  • Quick to Become Enraged
  • Underdeveloped or Poor Emotional Control
  • Manipulative of Others
  • Lying, Stealing and/or Sneaky Behaviors
  • Seems Lazy or Unmotivated
  • Seems to Hate Everyone But Friends
  • Challenges Decisions with Defiance
  • OTC, Alcohol, or other Substance Abuse
  • Severe or Regular Truancy
  • School Suspensions or Expulsion
  • Unconcerned about Extreme Drop in Grades
  • Seems Unable to Keep Friends
  • Facing Court Hearings for Behavior
  • Bullies, Fights, or Other Violence
  • Gang Involvement or Glorification

    Have you seen, or are you aware of the following?

  • Danger to Self or Others
  • Disappears, Runs Away, or AWOL
  • Conduct Disorder - Observed Behaviors
  • Easily Misled by Inappropriate Leaders
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
  • Bipolar Disorder - Observed Behaviors
  • Poor Self-Esteem or Disorted Self-Image
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Depression - Observed Behaviors
  • Attemps or Threats of Suicide
  • Ideation or Glorification of Suicide
  • Ideation or Glorification of Self-Harm
  • Glorification of Violence
  • Risky Sexual Behaviors
  • Actual Cutting, Self-Harm, or Mutilation
  • Adoption Issues or Conflicts
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
  • Eating Disorder (Anorexia, Bulimia)
  • Learning Disabilities

If your teenager is struggling with any of these issues, and you are considering residential placement in a treatment center, follow our "Please Help Me Now!" link (right column).*

There are Hundreds of Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens - Many have extreme problems, ranging from financial instability to poor client care .... How will you know beforehand if you're enrolling your child in a good program?

What kinds of treatment centers help to increase the life changing self-esteem and confidence necessary for your child to be successful for the long run?

A major problem facing teenagers and youth today is low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, or an unhealthy view of how they fit in with family and society.

Many, if not all, of your child's destructive behaviors could merely be symptoms of this core set of issues - And these issues are treatable if recognized and understood.

Be certain that the intervention you choose builds, rather than destroys your child's self esteem, instilling life-long positive change by dealing with the core issues.

An abusive or overly restrictive treatment center may not build the confidence and self-esteem your child needs.

If your teenager exits a treatment center with the same low self-image that he/she entered with, then he/she will continue to engage in the self-destructive behaviors that validate his/her self perception.

Many parents choose to pursue interventions that address the symptoms only. Attacking the symptoms will drive the destructive behaviors underground - only to resurface at a later date. This approach wastes valuable time and resources, and may even make things worse.

You have made the right choice in seeking help. The next step is to contact us. We have vast experience in the treatment care industry. We have worked in the industry. We have lived in the industry. We have seen what works ...... and what doesn't.

We will guide you. We will inform you. Take advantage of our knowledge and insight. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To inquire regarding placement in RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT CENTERS follow our TEEN HELP link above.

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